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The Brand:

Iron Bred - Iron Born Fitness started with 2 friends that share the common goal of being physically, spiritually, and mentally fit. We started our own brand because we wanted something that represented ourselves and wanted to share our vision with the everyday people of the fitness community. Our direction involves you as our customer, allowing your taste in the latest fitness fashion to drive our business. With this collaboration we guarantee greatness in everything we do.

The Name:

The name was created by us as it represents our dedication to improving all aspects of our fitness levels. "Iron Bred" means to be reared in a specified environment or way. "Iron Born" means having natural ability to do a particular job, task, or brought into existence. Being reared in the gym, forged with iron, and having your best self brought into existence through hard work, dedication, and determination is what it means to be "Iron Bred - Iron Born".

"IB2FIT" is a play off "Iron Bred - Iron Born Fitness".

The Owner:

Stevie Denard Purnell, Jr was born in Columbus, GA and raised in Atlanta, GA. His primary role is Chief Executive Officer. He graduated from Maynard Jackson High School (formally Southside High School) in Atlanta, GA.  After high school he joined the United States Air Force where he has been a member since Aug 2002. During his military career he has travel all over the world, earned a degree in Computer Science, and has become a certified Personal Trainer, Coach, and Nutritionist.  He has plans to open up his own gym once he retires from the military.

Message from the Owner:

Since we became friends in 2013, team work and communication has become second nature to us. Throughout all of our differences, we have always stuck together and believed in one another.  One of the greatest lessons we have both learned about starting a business is that you have to surround yourself with like minded individuals.

Remember that we can't change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust the sails to always reach our destination.

"Iron Bred - Iron Born Fitness"


Stevie Purnell - CEO